Monday, 10 August 2015

Oracle ADF dynamic tabs shell doesn’t work on 12c - SOLVED


Oracle ADF allows to create a page with a template in which you can open tabs dynamically (it is not really dynamically, but we will ignore it for now). The guide by Oracle can be found here Oracle dynamic Tabs UI shell

If you follow the guide you will find very interesting and frustrating fact. It doesn’t work.

And the reason is because Jdeveloper doesn’t create the binding for the template.

If I just create the page and specify the Tabs template I will see.


And the bindings is empty. To make it work we need to define the binding and make the template use it.


Now go to the page source and modify af:pageTemplate tag to be

 <af:pageTemplate   viewId="/oracle/ui/pattern/dynamicShell/dynamicTabShell.jspx" id="pt1"


Now your application will work


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