Monday, 10 August 2015

Extending the ADF Controller exception handler


There is a good article by Frank Nimphius explaining how to create custom exception handler for ADF application .Frank's blog

But I noticed that it is missing an important details. It is common when someone that KNOWS takes things as obvious and just don’t mention something important.

In this case I am talking about this step

Create a textfile with the name “” (without the quotes) and store it in .adf\META-INF\services (you need to create the “services” folder)

I opened my project and did exactly as instructed. Created the folder and placed the file. And…. nothing happened


Eventually after digging another 20 minutes in Google I eventually found that the actual place I need to put the file is .adf\META-INF directory which is located in the main application directory


Details… pay attention to details.

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