Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Oracle ERP – customizing Po Requisition Approval WF Notification


The request is to modify Po Requisition Approval Notification that is sent by an email. Erp is 12.1.3

By default it looks like this


First of all we need to understand how does the message is generated

We will search for the Workflow in the workflow status monitor and click on the “Workflow Details”


We will see a lot of information. We need to scroll down until we find the value of Req Lines Framework Region.

In my case it will be



What do we understand from this string. We understand that the message content is generated by a call to ICX_POR_REQLINES_NTFN function. Lets open function definition under “Application Developer” responsibility

Under “Web HTML” tab we will see that the function actually calls a OAF region.



So it is clear that if we replace the region by a custom region, it will display our custom content.

I created a very simple OAF project that has a region with a label “Hello” . (OA region is the only OA component in the project. No VO or AM are needed)



If you also want to preserve original content of the email, add a region that extends the original region



Deploy the new region to the server and change function definition to point to your region


Restart OC4J server.

We are done.

Now, after creating the requisition I get my customized email


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