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Thursday, 27 June 2013

OAF CacheComponent not registered


When developing a custom Oracle Framework Page for Oracle EBS I run to the following error when running the page from JDeveloper.



I don’t know what is the cause of the error but I found the resolution on OTN and wanted to share it .

First of all you need to add “Functional Developer” responsibility to your user in EBS

Now, switch responsibility to “Functional Developer” and you will see a new web page is being opened immediately.

Click on core services

image .

Click on the “Cache Components”


Click on the “Create Component”


Enter the following information:



Application Name -- Application Object Library

Description -- Stores descriptive flexfield, key flexfield, and value set metadata

Loader Class Name -- oracle.apps.fnd.flexj.FlexfieldCacheLoader

Time Out Type --Time To Live

Time Out After --Global Idle Time


And click “Apply”.

Next time you will run your project from Jdeveloper the error will be gone

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