Sunday, 2 June 2013

Manually install SOA DbAdapter into Weblogic


What is SOA DbAdapter and why do we need it is a separate question which you can cover by reading the following post. The point of concern in my port is to explain that you don’t need to download 3 GB of data in order to install it.

Oracle SOA suite a big piece of software and if you want to use only dbAdapter you will find that you need to download about 3GB of data from the following web site

Actually you need only several megabytes of data.

Download only second disk of installation from here download link (Oracle account required)



Open downloaded file. The name of the file I downloladed is

Inside this file you need to extract the following path:


Inside this path you will find a JAR file filegroup1.jar.

From this file you need to extract:

1. soa\connectors\DbAdapter.rar

2. soa\modules\oracle.soa.adapter_11.1.1\jca-binding-api.jar

From DbAdapter.rar extract DbAdapter.jar file.

All jar files you extracted put into <YOUR_DOMAIN>/lib directory.

“DbAdapter.rar” upload as web application through Web Logic “Deployment” intefrace.

So to make it work you only need 3 files. I would post them here, but I am not sure about licensing issues that may arise.


  1. Does this work for the JMS Adapter also ?
    I need JMS Adapter to listen to Oracle AQ but without SOA suite

  2. I am sorry. But I don't know the answer to this question. I guess you just need to "try and see"