Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Popup External Web Content in a Siebel View in Full Screen


There is an option to embed external web content into Siebel Client. I am not going to explain how , it is explained very well here. I am going to talk about symbolic URL which is “IFRAME” . You can open it as part of your page or as a popup window.

  My Customer wanted another page to be opened as a popup. I choose IFrame option and basically it is all I need to do.


However IFrame didn’t open as a full screen and customer was complaining that he need to click on the “maximize” button (yeahh… such a big efford).

Any way the solution is very simple. I took an advantage over IFrame “onload” function and just wrote simple javascript function to maximize the popup window.



Now popup windows opens in a full screen mode (maximized)

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