Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Oracle Alerts Distribution List with Custom Application


   “Oracle Alerts” has an ability to send emails to predefined list of recipients called “Distribution List”. However if you try to create this list under custom application you will not find this application under the list of values.

The reason is because LOV shows only applications defined in FND_PRODUCT_INSTALLATIONS

select * from fnd_application_vl where application_short_name='XXPCK'; select application_name, application_id from fnd_application_vl fa where exists (select 'X' from fnd_product_installations p where p.application_id = fa.application_id and p.status in ('I', 'L', 'S')) order by fa.application_name

Not a problem. Go to “Oracle Alerts Responsibility”->”System”->”Installation”

You will get a simple form that asks to enter Application Name and Oracle username


Application name is simpe. It is just the name of your custom application. But what is Oracle Username? If you think that it is Oracle Username that you use to login into EBS, you think wrong.

Go to “System Administrator”->”Security”->”ORACLE ( Don’t ask me why it is in upper case)”-> ”Register”

Inside “Database User Name” and “Password” enter you custom schema credentials. In my case it is XXDM/XXDM


No you can go back to “Define Application Installations” and enter your custom application and Oracle username


Now you can access “Distribution List” form and choose your custom application


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