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Monday, 25 July 2011

Jdeveloper 9i problem with look and feel under Windows7


There are still some people that have to use Jdeveloper 9i and I am one of them. Don’t ask me why. it is just a fact. But After I installed Windows 7 I found that it is very hard to work with Jdeveloper since ALL scrollers, folder , checkboxes and a lot of other GUI elements disappeared. So it looks like



I don’t know what could be a reason. Probably Oracle don’t want to invest any more into this old version. So I will just tell you how to fix it. Very easy

Go to “Tools”->”Preferences”->”Look and feel” and choose something else, but not Windows


Restart Jdeveloper and you will get back all Graphic elements


  1. Thanks Mike ..... I re installed almost 4 times to over come ... after going through ur post its working on my machine also .... keep it up ....

  2. Mike, thanks so much!!! I installed twice and was going through the docs in Oracle, nothing worked and your suggestion worked for me! Thanks again!!!